The Testing of Philip


I've written a book and now face the daunting task of finding a publisher to help launch it. My husband, Bud, wrote an amusing (but serious) devotional for me based on John's account of Jesus testing Philip prior to feeding the 5,000.

You may not be attempting to publish a book but you may face some other seemingly impossible task. So, I thought you may enjoy "The Testing of Philip", too.


At some point, Jesus put it into the heart of an author, Philip, to write a book that would help believers and advance the Kingdom of God. Great crowds of people needed the wisdom of this book because, despite living as Christians, they still struggled with many pains and problems, as all people do.

So, an idea come into Philip’s mind and he wrote a book.

Jesus, pleased that Philip had used his gifts wisely thus far, looked out upon the world and saw a great crowd praying and beseeching Him for help. Although many of them did not know it, they needed exactly the kind of help offered in Philip’s book.

Through the Spirit, Jesus said to Philip, “How will you publish and launch this book?” (He only put this question in Philip’s mind to test him, for he already had in mind what he was going to do.)

Philip answered him, “Well, I’m told you must have a gigantic platform in order to catch the interest of a publishing house, much less sell the book. You need big name endorsers, too. I don’t have either of those things and they will take years to build. Besides, all that networking stuff makes me gag. Frankly, I just don’t see that I have the resources.”

Then someone said “Well, Philip, you do know a couple of lesser known Christian celebrities and you have several hundred folks on your mailing list, but I guess you’re right, what difference will that make?”

Jesus said, “Philip, wrong answer. But here’s the correct answer: start with what you have. Be thankful for what you have. Pray over what you have. Give what you have. Keep on giving – not until there’s nothing left, because there will never be nothing left, but until everyone’s need has been met.”

So Philip, began to pray and determined to publish his book. He did so and when it was over, the book ministered to thousands of hungry people, and he earned enough to carry him through to the next one.

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