Do You Want to be Part of This?


I’ve encouraged you over the last several weeks to clarify your vision and hear from God. Communicating your vision helps other people become excited and enthused and jump aboard!

I’ve actually been doing more than just writing: I’ve been soul-searching. Writing this material made me realize that my own vision for my work with clergy needs clarification. After all, if it is unclear to me then I know it can’t be clear to you or other people.

That’s why I am going to share with you below my own vision statement. It’s not complete, still a work in progress, but that’s ok.

So, what’s my vision? Especially in regard to my work with clergy and other Christian leaders?

I see a network of pastors leading with enhanced emotional and relational skill, emotionally healthy themselves, able to minister, lead, and foster greater engagement within their congregations or organizations.

I see them not only ministering effectively but also empowering believers to fulfill their ministries in such a way that leads to greater movement and multiplication in ministry.

Frankly, my interest lies in a particular concept of ministry. I call it the upside down pyramid – by which I mean that the church structure, including pastoral leadership, exists to equip laity for ministry. That kind of ministry and leadership goes far beyond administering the sacraments and requires unusually strong leadership skills. Pastors often tell me that their education and training for ministry often did not include sufficient preparation in that arena.

Also, the current sociological and cultural landscape in the US and other western countries makes clergy life and leadership even more challenging what it once was. I won’t try to lay out all those issues here as I’m sure you know them from personal experience!

So that’s what I’m up to: trying to facilitate development of your emotional and relations skills with the end in mind that you will become an even more empowering leader. I hope you will continue to allow me the privilege of serving you in that way!

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