Why Resources Will Never Seem Equal to the Task

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Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed with things that needed to be done yet so personally depleted that you had no energy to do any of it?

I battled the flu this past week, as I know countless others have done, but somehow it made me feel overwhelmed with the number of projects currently on my plate. My mind reeled with thoughts of everything I need to do although I had no energy to for any of them.

So, I spent some time talking to God about this. I explained to Him about how I need to get the book written while continuing to pursue the other initiatives in my work. I complained that my energy was insufficient for the task.

Later that day my mind was drawn to a sign that I have hanging on my wall but which somehow I’ve become accustomed to and don’t really seem to notice often anymore.

It says, “My grace is sufficient for thee for my strength is made perfect in weakness.”

That’s based of course on a well-known Bible verse, 2 Corinthians 12:9.

I found immediate comfort in it as I sensed God directing me to it. I realized all of these things – the book, my business, my life – are in God’s hands. After all, they are part of God’s vision for me!

My strength is limited but His unlimited.  I can rest in that peace that what needs to be done will get done even though I have limited strength and can’t carry it all.

Finally, it also struck me that if a leader has a true vision from God then in reality the demands on that leader will always exceed the their capacity. The resources will never seem equal to the task.

So, I need to become comfortable with that realization. It is a good thing that I carry in my heart a big vision. I can trust my big God. There’s no need to stress over my current seeming lack of sufficient resources. Even as my current work and ministry grows and as the current needs become satisfied, new challenges for growth with all their corresponding demands and needs will appear.

That’s good and as it should be. I will always be dependent on my Heavenly Father’s sufficient grace.

Pastor or other Christian leader - how does this apply to you? In what areas of your life have you felt overwhelmed and depleted?

My prayer is that the scripture will minister to you in some way this week as it has to me.

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