A Day Late and A Dollar Short

Perpetually and habitually late. That was how I operated.

One day while on the way to my office, I checked the clock. Wow, actually early! At that moment, for no particular reason, I felt a sudden impulse to stop off at the gas station for snacks.

Then it hit me. Obviously, I was subconsciously delaying myself to maintain the norm: late.

Upon further reflection, I realized that I viewed myself as “a day late and a dollar short”. This deeply held aspect of my self-image seemed to perpetuate itself regardless of my stated goal to become more punctual.

Self-image exerts a powerful, yet often unnoticed influence in our daily lives. We find ourselves bound by invisible chains: our beliefs about what we can do and who we are. These identity beliefs powerfully influence our patterns and subsequently our successes or failures.

Yet, one can change identity beliefs! In fact, our God specializes in altering identities. He transformed Jacob the deceiver into Israel, the Prince of God. The list could go on and on!

Of course, redemption affects our identities at profound levels, especially in regard to sin and holiness. Still, if God can change us in that, can He not also easily help us change smaller things; even, perhaps, moving from “a day late and a dollar short” to “I am in charge of my life and have all that I need”?

What about you? Have you ever caught yourself doing something that was subtly sabotaging your own goals or strategy?

I challenge you to spend a few minutes this week identifying and reflecting on one habit or behavior that subtly or even not so subtly detracts from achievement of your highest aims.  Consider what drives this habit or behavior. Could it be fear? Fear of rejection? Fear of success?

Could it reflect how you see yourself, some identity belief? 

Write out your thoughts or talk to someone who knows you well for further insight.

Then go to your Father in prayer. He will help you rise into a new and improved version of yourself!


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