Take a Minute for the Pause that Refreshes

The pause that refreshes!

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Coca-Cola coined that expressive slogan in 1929. You’ve probably heard it at some point. The phrase seems to have stuck around. An ice cold Coke on a hot summer day. Ahh!

In line with my recent one-minute exhortations for the coming Christmas season, I suggest taking another kind of “pause that refreshes.”

Science tells us that using mindfulness – such as taking a moment to focus on the beauty of nature, observing the look of a leaf, listening to the sound of a bird chirping – provides a surprising dose of relaxation for mind and body!

How much more, then, must be the positive impact on our bodies, minds and spirits if we pause a moment to focus on the Christ child and the magnificence of God?

The Christmas season always brings a facing a flurry of church programs and activities as well as your own Christmas preparations.  

In the midst of all that, I urge you to consciously look for moments to relax for a minute. Pause to reflect personally on the significance of the season.  Read a scripture. Whisper a prayer. Just sit and think about God’s work in your life.

I’m not talking about sermon preparation. Just simple personal devotion.  

Don’t let this beautiful season of celebrating our Savior zip past without you taking moments here and there for personal worship and contemplation.

My Christmas wish for you? Enjoy “the pause that refreshes” as often as you can!

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