I Salute You, Pastor!

I was making plans for July 4th, the day we Americans celebrate and salute our flag, our national independence and all of those who worked and sacrificed for our freedom in these United States!

As I reflected on the day and considered our national heroes, my mind turned to “Spiritual Heroes”.  I thought of Pastor Mike, my very first pastor as an adult and a man who significantly influenced my life.

So, I want to take a moment to salute you, Pastor, for the person you are and the work that you do. I honor the fact that you:  

  • Serve at the forefront of a spiritual battle

  • Sacrifice much for the kingdom of God

  • Work in a constantly changing socio-cultural context makes leading a congregation more challenging than ever

I also realize that the folks you pastor may sometimes:

  • Under-appreciate you

  • Forget to say ‘thank you’

  • Impose unrealistic expectations

  • Take you for granted

Yet, you and other pastors like you lead your congregations faithfully, without complaint, and maybe without adequate compensation.

While I can’t know all about your personal situation, I do know some pastors are misunderstood, criticized, and mistreated. In fact, many pastors around the world face actual persecution.  Although you may not have been “sawn asunder” (as the book of Hebrews rather dramatically portrays) or persecuted as some have, you still deserve honor for standing faithfully through whatever hardships your calling entails.

Finally, I also imagine that you, as do many pastors, also feel the love and the reward that comes from making a difference. I want to add my voice in some small way to those who do express their appreciation.

Therefore I salute you as a leader in the faith, called by God, forming the backbone of the Christian Church. I appreciate your commitment to saving souls, discipling believers, and shepherding your congregation.

God bless you!


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