Five Benefits of Creating a Compelling Vision for 2017

Create a Compelling Vision

Why do some people rise out of the ordinary to create or do something extraordinary?

Isn’t it true that those kind of leaders tend to clearly see and relentlessly pursue a driving purpose?  

Yet many of us get so caught up in the mundane demands of everyday life that we rarely take time out to envision something greater than what is; much less determine to go there!  

A person who lives and works only to complete the routine tasks of life and ministry misses out. Pursuing a dream as, for example, Martin Luther King did, requires hard work, extraordinary passion, but also vision. Martin Luther King was able to describe his dream and passion so clearly that others could also see it and strive for it even after his death.

Are visionary dreams only for the Martin Luther Kings of the world?

I believe that you can state your own vision and goals clearly and if you do, you will enjoy ability to:

  1. Gain a sense of control over your own schedule and priorities

  2. Energize yourself at your lowest moments

  3. Wake up each morning with a renewed sense of purpose

  4. Communicate more clearly, persuasively and passionately with staff and parishioners

  5. Excite and motivate others toward a common purpose

A vision paints a broad statement of the future. Clearly stated, it creates momentum and excitement. Martin Luther’s King ‘I have a dream’ speech painted such a vision. So vividly and clearly articulated, so immediately resonant with his listeners, the dream lived on through others long after his death.

Experts recommended that churches revisit their vision statements periodically. Ensure that they are not just a cursory statement sitting idle on a shelf somewhere but a living, breathing expression of where the church body sees themselves headed.

Inspiration for your vision lies all around you!

Consider the spiritual needs of your congregation. What area of spiritual life requires focus and attention?

What natural opportunities lie before you or your congregation? What obvious areas – children’s ministries, perhaps – need to be strengthened?

What crises or problems exist?  What would the church be like if those were solved?

Most importantly, of course, what is the Holy Spirit speaking to you about?

Meditate on what the future could be. Pray for divine insight into God’s direction. Don’t lose the extraordinary benefits and abilities that accompany a well stated vision!

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