The Two Big Reasons to Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

Hi, Dr. Jeannie here!

There are two big reasons to develop your emotional intelligence. I will share those with you below. However, before I do that, I'd like to update you on a couple of exciting things that have happened.

  • As you know, I have been working for the past couple of years to develop emotional intelligence training that is specifically geared to pastors. It's been a challenge but we are making progress!

  • We successfully launched our first group this year! Thirty pastors attended a free introductory course. Ten of those pastors signed up for the advanced course.

  • It was a rich experience for everyone involved. That first group of 10 pastors has just graduated!  

  • The program has been so successful, that we’ve been asked to return for a second program this coming January. In addition, the Bishop in charge is reaching out to other denominations and inviting them to participate!

I wanted to give you that update and thank you for your interest.

So, the two main reasons to spend time developing your emotional intelligence!

It has been shown in my research and the research of others that in ministry you can stress less (that is reason #1) and increase your influence and impact (that’s reason #2) simply by changing the way you manage your own emotions and by how you respond to the emotions of others.

Finally, I really want to stay connected with you about this project.

If you're interested in emotional intelligence for clergy, we are interested in connecting with you. Let’s explore together how we can bring this training to you and the clergy you know and serve.

Thank you so much. God bless!

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