Dr. Jeanie, thanks for your work with our rostered leaders [clergy]in this synod...

My own perception is that rostered leaders, with some frequency, handicap their ministry in ways of which they are not aware.  Hence the need for some deliberate work related to emotional intelligence.

You certainly may feel free to reference your work with our colleagues in this synod.  Although I will be moving out of this office at the end of June or July, you certainly may feel free to offer my endorsement of your work (including sharing this email if you are so inclined).

Some years ago my son-in-law, who is a pastor in another synod, participated in [similar] training.  His experience and that of another pastor in this synod who participated in the same workshop helped persuade me that such training could be very helpful to other colleagues.  

For my first 13 years in ministry I participated in an ecumenical group served by a certified therapist/pastoral counsellor for the purpose of reviewing personal matters or those related to pastoral ministry.  I'm still reaping the benefits of those years. 

I hope these comments are helpful.  May God's blessing rest upon your ministry of nurturing healthy leaders for the church.

What others say

Jeanne’s passion to help pastoral leaders is what makes her EI Pastor work so valuable. We need someone with EI knowledge who has a strong faith and church life experience to help us apply to concepts of EI to our unique settings as church leaders.”  - A Pastor

"She is providing a service that was deeply needed. Not only is Jeannie providing a great service, she is doing so with competence and joy, and the participants are responding very well to her! " - Denominational Leader

"In some workshops there is the expectation that everyone moves at the same pace.  Some are bored, some are left behind.  Jeanie will walk or run, or just sit with a person wherever they may be in the journey of growing in their emotional intelligence." - Workshop Participant