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Dr. Chuck DeGroat, author of Toughest People to Love, in this compelling interview with Dr. Jeannie, goes far beyond the typical “recipe” approach for dealing with the difficult people ministry sometimes brings into our lives.

Instead, he offers powerful keys to dealing with difficult people.

Here are a few of the topics covered in this enlightening and sometime moving discussion:

  • P. 6 - why we must understand our own story

  • P. 7 – why we must see people as both beautiful and broken

  • P. 8 – how to develop compassion for even the most difficult people

  • P. 10 – loving foolish people despite the debris fields they create

  • P. 12 – the power of asking permission to give feedback

  • P. 12 – protecting and caring for yourself

  • P. 13 – knowing when to step away from a person

  • P.14 – dealing with very controlling people

  • P. 16 – the power of approaching people with compassion and curiosity

Click here to download your free copy!