Three Steps to Multiply the Impact of Your Ministry by Inspiring Others Into Greatness

Who have you known that left you feeling inspired to be more and do more? They believed so deeply in you that you felt compelled to rise to their expectation. It may have been a professor, a mentor, or just someone in your church.

I certainly hope you have been blessed to enjoy at least one such person in your life.

Those kind of people exude a powerful influence. Yet, the source of their power really is not a mystery. You also can learn to inspire others into greatness!

Those kinds of influential people share a common thread: They believe in you and envision you as you can become rather than as you currently are. 

Develop the habits below to consistently look for the good in others (there's always some good in a person), find ways to capture it and use those moments to catapult them into greatness.

Multiply the impact of your ministry in three steps:

  1. Catch others doing something well.

  2. Capture that moment and use it to plant a seed of greatness.

  3. Cast a vision for the growth of that person into what they could become.

Catch others doing something well. Keep your eyes open! Small accomplishments count. Watch for opportunities to catch others demonstrating creativity, positivity, or skill.

Capture that moment and use it to plant a seed of greatness. Share with the person exactly what they did, why it was great, and the effect it had on you or others. 

Consider these words from a Senior Pastor to the Youth Pastor: “I noticed that you had some difficult encounters with parents of the teen program recently. And while that was probably stressful for you, I noticed that you handled them with ease and that issues were resolved. I can't tell you how much of a load that takes off of me. Just knowing that you're taking care of problems and doing so lovingly eases my burden and enhances the ministry for all of the teens and parents involved”.

Cast a vision for the growth of that person into what they could become. Of course, the picture you paint of your positive expectations must be something that is important to the person.  Keep it open ended unless, of course, you believe God has given you specifics to share with the person. 

For example, the Senior Pastor could continue: “I can really see you growing in your leadership skills. I believe that God is going to continue using you and developing you in even greater ways in the future”.

These three simple steps, performed consistently and sincerely over time, will catapult others into greatness, into believing they are more and can become more than they are now.

When we view others through the eyes of faith and love and speak to them positive expectations, we inspire them to greatness. You probably know this from your own experience.  And the number of great leaders you leave behind multiplies the impact of our own ministry!

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